I’ve got my cart. I’ve got my uniform. I’ve got the appropriate footwear, and I’m at the starting line, ready to go.

Kid in a candy shop? Not exactly. Me, I’m channeling that kid that never did win the Nickelodeon Super Toy Run.

I’m going to date myself here as a child of the ’80s and ’90s, bordering on that dread label “millenial”: The Nickelodeon Super Toy Run was an annual contest sponsored by the kids’ television network, in which one lucky winner was set loose in a toy store for five minutes and allowed to fill as many shopping carts with as many toys or he or she could.

Sure, little me would have loved to have won and reveled in the televised gluttony of several shopping carts full of bright pink Barbie paraphernalia, but let’s be honest, I really wasn’t that kind of kid. And as a lifelong picker and a gal who moved more boxes of art supplies and random pieces of interesting wood and rusted metal across the country than clothes when I made the trek to Oregon years back…well, GLEAN is much more my speed when it comes to cart-filling excitement.

I’ll take five months at “the dump” over five minutes of toys any day, and I’m pretty sure were given the choice between the two as a kid, little me would be here as well, hard hat on, cart in hand, ready to stock up on my kind of treasure.

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